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The Otis Music Camp takes place over 10 days in June in Macon, Ga. for ages 12-18. Otis Music Campers experience a high level of music forums conducted by key leaders in the industry. Professional and collegiate musicians come from across the world to develop the voices and instrumental abilities of campers.


Camp DREAM is a five-day music and arts camp offered to ages 5-11. Instructors cover songwriting, percussion, theater, voice, dance, and visual arts. These areas integrate to create one project, culminating in a performance to showcase the work all the students have done over the week.

We Write The Songs

We Write the Songs (WWTS) is a monthly for students ages 12 -18 in efforts to equip them with the tools necessary to strengthen their songwriting skills. This workshop explores songwriting techniques, basic music theory, and encourages students to express themselves through music.

Lessons & Workshops

The Otis Redding Center for Creative Arts offers private music lessons for ages 5-18
in piano, strings, guitar, drums, voice, theory, production/engineering,
and more, as well as songwriting workshops throughout the year.



Private music lessons are offered each day from qualified coaches and teachers, bios for whom can be found on our coaches page. Students taking lessons will be involved in an end of semester recital.


Workshop are created for students 12+ to equip them with the tools necessary to strengthen their songwriting skills and musicianship. Each workshop strives to expand the musical creativity of students and provides many opportunities to perform and critique peer’s work. 

The DREAM Team

The DREAM Team is a mixed performance group comprised of students aged 12-18 singing and performing a variety of classic, soul, and pop songs. Limited Availability.


DREAMcast Season 2 Episode 9: Why We Do What We Do with Stacey Timothy

In this episode, we talk to another of the newest members of the Board of Directors for the Otis Redding Foundation, Stacey Timothy. Ms. Timothy talks with us about her introduction to the Otis Redding Foundation through her son, one of our very own podcast...

DREAMcast Season 2 Episode 8: A Call To Action with Robert McDuffie

In this episode, we spoke with Robert McDuffie, world-renowned violinist and founder of the McDuffie Center for Strings in Macon. We talked about what inspired his journey from successful musician to educator and music advocate. Robert shares his love and appreciation...

DREAMcast Season 2 Episode 7: Full Circle with Lisa Love

In this episode, we hear from Lisa Love, the Director of the Georgia Music Foundation. Ms. Love recounts how she first came to be connected to the Otis Redding Foundation and the role she played in establishing the Otis Music Camp. She shares her passion for education...

Otis Redding Foundation Awarded $18,000 Community Foundation for Central Georgia Grant

 The Otis Redding Foundation was awarded an $18,000 grant in April 2021 from the Community Foundation of Central Georgia to support programming at the Otis Redding Center for Creative Arts (ORCCA). The surprise announcement was streamed live on Facebook, along with...

DREAMcast Season 2 Episode 6: All Things Work Together with Karen Lee

Over the next two episodes, we will introduce you to the two newest members of the Otis Redding Foundation Board of Directors. This week we spoke with Karen Lee, Senior Vice President at W&W Public Relations. Ms. Lee shared how she went from growing up in a...

DREAMcast Season 2 Episode 5: Constant Evolution with Michael Mauldin

For the second part of this two-part special, the DREAMcasters continue the conversation with American media proprietor and record executive Michael Mauldin to learn about his latest role as co-founder of the Black American Music Association (BAM). He talks about the...

Otis Redding Foundation Distributes Copies of “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay” Book to Local Schools

The Otis Redding Foundation distributed copies of the new illustrated children's book "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" to St. Peter Claver Catholic School and St Joseph's Catholic School in Redding's hometown of Macon, Ga. on March 10, 2021. Atlanta, GA–based artist...

DREAMcast Season 2 Episode 4: You Gotta Believe with Michael Mauldin

For this two-part special, the DREAMcasters are joined by American media proprietor and record executive Michael Mauldin as he shares his entry point into the music business and his earliest memories as a roadie. He talks about some of his most inspiring mentors,...

ORF Board Member Arron Saxe Featured in Pollstar Magazine

Otis Redding Foundation board member Arron Saxe was featured in Pollstar Magazine's February 22 issue. Check out the piece below!

DREAMcast Season 2 Episode 3: 2,000 Miles I Roam with Shea O’Connor

This week we had illustrator, designer, and animator Shea O’Connor talks with us about the upcoming release of "(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay": A Children’s Picture Book. Shea shares some of her artistic influences, how she sees parallels between visual art and...



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