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Otis Music Camp 2023

Otis Music Camp takes place over 11 days in June in Macon, GA. Campers experience a high level of music forums conducted by key leaders in the industry. Professional and collegiate musicians of all genres come from across the globe each summer to help develop the voices and instrumental abilities of the campers to showcase their talents during the finale.

Amazing. Awe-Inspiring. Breath-taking. 2023’s Otis Music Camp could be defined by any and all of these terms. Students ages 12-18 from across Middle Georgia, and some from beyond , gathered to partake in this elite musical and academic enrichment program. While being immersed in lessons that range from musical instrumentation to the business of music, students are tasked with composing their own arrangements. Instructors provide detailed guidance to help these young adults traverse the song-making process. At the program’s close, students are able to exhibit both their natural talent and their hard work in a grand finale.

The goal of all involved with Otis Music Camp is to establish an environment conducive to academic excellence and high-level artistic expression. Our camp instructors are specially trained in music and the arts. Within the team, there are also those who specialize in social, physical and cognitive impairments. Students are to be provided with the care they need to lead them beyond any limitations, and the skills of our staff directly reflect different areas of need identified in the student population.

This year’s program is evidence of the productive yet comfortable environment that can form amongst the ORF Camp counselors and adolescents of varying physical, mental and social conditions. Instructors witnessed a student with visual impairment excel in instrumentation and musical composition (skills that the great Stevie Wonder perfected). Multiple students with sensory impairments, and those on the autism spectrum, were able to fully engross themselves in the music creation process, from the solitary writing stage, to the more involved instrumentation portion, and even during the finale performance which took place in front of a large audience at the Grand Opera House.

Not only were all students able to perform the music they had themselves prepared, but they also were taught to present their musical product with the utmost professionalism. Musical experts and leaders in the entertainment industry attended camps to help mold these young individuals and provide them glimpses into what could possibly be their future career path. Even in adolescence, the students exhibit high-level musical reasoning and cognizance. Attaining a deeper understanding of technical elements that will bolster their individual passions provides them with immense joy – which is the reason the Foundation created these camps. The expected and observed impact of the Otis Music Camp curricula is literally the maturation of eager and deserving kids towards their life goals. The ORF team wants to see them win, and will do anything to help them excel because, quite frankly, the talent possessed by youth who come through this program is amazing, awe inspiring and breath-taking.

Please remain vigilant, as Otis Music Camp enrollment opens towards the end of the year and available slots are rapidly filled.

The team looks forward to Otis Music Camp 2024. We hope to see you there!

Here is a glimpse into the daily #OMC experience!

“Educating children through music was a dream of my husband’s. This camp’s emphasis on creativity and inspiration is something I think he would have been proud of, and it is the kind of program we will continue to foster through our Foundation.”

Zelma Redding
Founder, Otis Redding Foundation