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Camp DREAM 2023

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Camp Dream! Corny? Maybe. The Camp, however, is far from corny, boring, or unappealing. 2023’s Camp Dream attracted students across the state of Georgia. While attending this program, kids from ages 5-11 were immersed in all introductory elements of music, which ranged from assonance and rhyming to tracking rhythm and timing beats. This week-long endeavor proved positive for all involved. Students excitedly entered the Mt De Sales halls at 9:00 am. Their eagerness to learn was complemented by the instructors’ desire to teach. Students asked detailed questions, and actively participated in all activities. Even with their natural youthful spontaneity, these young campers were able to hone their skills and produce beautiful music by the end of the week.

The growth and development of the Camp Dream kids is tantamount to other camps’ success. In this base camp, a foundational understanding of music is firmly established. Students become accustomed to a detailed musical curriculum that grows with them. With the constant expansion of the student population, the Otis Redding Foundation is establishing a clear pipeline to the Otis Music Camp. All children are welcomed into the camps regardless of their previous affiliation with other portions of the organization. However, building a strong bond with students only increases their level of progress each year.

The 2023 Camp Dream finale was personified evidence of the program’s strong rudimentary impact. When entering the stage, all of the youth donned their white Camp Dream tees along with bright smiles. Once they began performing, their voices testified the power of their collective imagination and excitement. The songs were well performed, with students readily able to identify the notes they sang. In addition to their understanding of the instrumentation and composition of their songs, they also were able to comprehend the meaning of their lyrics. During Camp Dream music courses, instructors covered major life-lessons including what it means to be a person who is conscious of their actions, and characteristics of kind and responsible individuals. Therefore, when they gave their finale performance, they were truly breathing life into the words.

The Otis Redding Foundation encourages parents/guardians to enroll the children under their care in our next installment of Camp Dream. Not only do students thoroughly enjoy themselves, but those around them often notice positive improvements in their disposition and a strengthened desire to learn.

Please remain vigilant, as Camp Dream enrollment opens towards the end of the year and available slots are rapidly filled.

The team looks forward to Camp Dream 2024. We hope to see you there!