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DREAMcast Episode 7: Rest Empowered with The Rap Room

By November 5, 2020June 30th, 2022No Comments

Episode 7 of the DREAMcast features campers and coaches from the world-famous Rap Room.

This week we feature the winners of the 2020 Summer Creative Challenge winner in the category of High School Original Song: The Otis Music Camp Rap Room! The Rap Room’s original song Rest Empowered was created during the 2020 Otis Music Virtual Camp through the Soundtrap online software and was chosen out of lots of entries submitted all over the world. Rap Room members DK Williams (DKOMX), Jessica Wornum (Slim Pickens), James-Gregory Cubit (JGCKool), Christopher Timothy (Prxphecy), John-Avery Clark (Lil Kidd), Elijah Jackson (Elife), Quishon (Q), Jordan Tolbert, Coach Vinson (ALӓZ), Coach Zach Wilson join us to discuss the process and purpose behind their award-winning song.