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Georgia State Commission Approves Arts Charter School In Macon

By September 6, 2016November 18th, 2019No Comments

DREAM Academy Approved by the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia

School Approved Unanimously at Wednesday’s Commission Meeting


DREAM Academy’s charter petition was unanimously approved Wednesday by the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC).

“On behalf of the DREAM Academy Board of Directors we are pleased that SCSC has exhibited belief and confidence in our program integrating music and arts in a community whose mark is just that—music and the arts. We look forward to creating this opportunity for the students and families in middle Georgia and beyond” said Karla Redding-Andrews.

Now that DREAM is approved, its Board of Directors and Support and Resource Team (DREAM Team) will begin pre-opening activities including student enrollment, initiation of facility acquisition or construction, leadership and staff hiring, and generating support through community and family partnerships. DREAM Academy will be a public charter school of choice and is proposed to open as a K-6 school in August 2017, and expand by a grade level each year until it reaches grade 12.

The guiding mission of DREAM Academy is to expand student access to structured, sustained, and effective education and programming paired with music, creative arts, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Founders and partners are led by the belief that this collaborative model can enhance the public education and community program opportunities in Middle Georgia by offering a unique learning environment embracing and integrating the arts, higher education, community, and industry partnerships.

A special press conference/town hall meeting with the express purpose of updating all interested parties— media, parents and community shareholders—on the approval and recent DREAM developments will be held at time and location to be announced in the coming weeks.

Updates and developments can be found on our website/social media regarding this exciting opportunity for students and families in Middle Georgia: