Real people with life-changing results

Hayden Nichols


“The foundation has helped me improve my skills on my instrument from the Otis Redding Music Camp for the past 2 years. I’ve met lots of great people in the music business that can help me as I further my career as a musician. I have also gained great opportunities for a lifelong career because I started going to the Music Camp. I enjoy every second I’m involved with any event with the Otis Redding Foundation.”

Zach Wilson

Keyboardist, Music Director, Otis Music Camp Coach, Kennesaw State University

“The Otis Redding Foundation has helped me to appreciate multiple genres of music and also has exposed me to elements of songwriting and the music business. They really inspired me to take my musicianship to the next level.”

Malaika Alilaw


“The Otis Camp/Foundation has really helped me create life long friends. They also have really invested in our futures with opportunities such as the Princess Cruise trip and information about the music industry with speakers through the Otis Camp. The foundation is truly a family that will help and support you with whatever you need. I used to not want to do something in the music industry, but now I know music will be in my life forever.”

Jessica Wornum


“The Otis Redding Foundation helped me perform at many places, they gave me so many chances to prove myself as a musician and still do to this day. Without the camp I would still be making songs without a way to put them out there. The foundation gave me the hope and the push I needed to get somewhere and are still pushing me. The Otis Redding Foundation will always be the place that has helped me the most.”

Noah Duncan


“It has helped me grow as an artist by showing me and helping me improve in many aspects musically and personally. The foundation has helped me as an individual become more comfortable with singing or performing in any environment.”

Keniqua Smith

Otis Music Camp Coach

“My first years at the Otis Music Camp, I was a very shy person, especially when I came about singing. I wasn’t confident with my voice and often doubted myself. This was very obvious when it was time to perform. One thing that the Mrs. Karla and the coaching staff said was, “in order to receive a reaction from the audience, you must first give them the confidence you want them to feel.” This stuck with me both relating to music and life itself. To feel the encouragement and support from them made it much easier to work on my confidence. I’ve always cherished the love that the foundation has shown me from the first day I walked in those doors. To see the Redding family continue their father’ & husband’s dream year after year, and dedicating their time to incorporating music in children’s lives shows they really love what they do. Once you become apart of the Otis Redding Camp, you become apart of the Redding family forever.”

Leah Duval


“The foundation is more than a foundation to me. It is a family. At a young age they took me in and groomed me to be the musician and artist i want to be. I have witnessed a huge amount of growth and feel so comfortable and prepared for my future because of them. I am so grateful for their help.”

Aniya Mitchell

Former Student, Freshman at Georgia Southern

“It is impossible to put into words of all the blessings that this organization and family and placed upon my life. However, in a nutshell, the foundation has helped me in more ways than one. Before I joined the summer before I was about to transition into high school, I was unaware of my full potential. I never knew that It was possible for me to go on stage in front of a ton of people and perform. Without this foundation, I wouldnt be asked to perform at the events that I have been blessed to be a part of, I wouldn’t have met the wonderful friends (family) that i have had the honor of meeting, and I wouldnt have as much confidence as I have now. Now that I am in college, I appreciate the lessons that Mrs. Karla and the staff at the Otis Redding foundation has taught me and the experiences that she had provided me that has helped mold me into the young woman I am today!?"